New York Premiere Reviews!

star Susan Haskins, Theater Talk

"The Golden Age of musicals is back with SHINE!"

star BackStage

"Awfully close to the sort of musical that made the form nationally beloved in the Rodgers and Hammerstein era."

"Solidly constructed, tuneful, and consistently diverting."

"Plays like a traditional Golden Age musical."

"If there were a cast album, I'd buy it."

star TheaterMania

"A charming, feel-good musical."

"The work's tremendous heart and unabashed celebration of Alger's popular stories are in ample evidence in this appealing musical about the rise from rags to riches."

star Peter Filichia, The Star-Ledger

"SHINE! is one of those wonderful musicals where the audience cares deeply for the hero. Richard Seff's book and Lee Goldsmith's lyrics perfectly capture the Horatio Alger spirit. Composer Roger Anderson's ballads are strikingly beautiful. As for his up-tempo songs, to call each a toe-tapper would only be 10% accurate: every one is a TOES-tapper that will keep theatergoers' feet busy all night."

star TheatreScene

"There was a stampede for SHINE!"

"Dozens of pleasant numbers, dapperly produced..."

"One of the most ambitious and elaborate of the New York Musical Theatre Festival."

star NightLifeExchange

"A big, old-fashioned, good-hearted, life-affirming musical that holds out its arms to embrace you! ...Captivating to hear and watch...with inventive arrangements by the composer and orchestrator/music supervisor Greg Anthony."